Myiconichome | Make use of Your Corner Spaces in your house

Every house has corners. Most of the time these corner spaces are left unattended or stuffed with useless goods, which gives a very untidy impact on the home decor. One of the important aspects of home decor involves optimizing your corner spaces to give a larger look to the house. Corners can be optimally used especially in houses which have smaller areas. The following tricks and hacks guide on using the house corners in the most creative way possible which would not only revamp the look of your house but also give you ample space to store or display things which you have. Otherwise you have no space for displaying it.

Floating Shelves or Cupboards: Don’t have enough space for placing a spacious cabinet in your two bedroom house? Well, there are some amazing ways to still have that cabinet in a place you never thought of before! You can get ready made or customized floating shelves, racks or cupboards made for walls. Look for wall areas in your house, where you can get a book shelf installed or a tiny rack installed for placing your favorite things.

Vintage Lighting: Floor lamps kept on the side of your sofa sets, not only cover up an unnecessary and tiny corner space but also provide illumination in the most aesthetic way. This style of vintage lighting enriches your home decor and enhances your interiors.

Staircase Area a book shelf or Storage Area: Usually the area under a staircase goes neglected in most of the houses. One can use this wonderful area as a large book shelf with proper lighting or you can even convert the place into a store wherein you can stack your empty suitcases, ladders and other such household items.                                                      

Low Lying Areas: Have you ever thought of using those low lying areas under wall mounted cabinets or sittings? Get wicker baskets of similar sizes and stack your books, unwanted clothes or winter clothes neatly in those baskets. These not only provide ample storage but also cover up those unused corners in the most creative way.                                              

Go Green on the Corners: You can also usher in some greenery in some corner areas by putting in some vase or pots on a stool or a high rise table. This is the best way to optimize some boring corners of your house and invite some vibrancy into your home spaces.                                

Balcony: A front porch or balconies can be the most wonderful areas of your house and it is worth spending on every square foot of the open space. Get some pretty light fixtures and comfortable cane or garden chairs with a small coffee table. Decorate this space with lots of greenery and colourful flowers and see how it transforms into your most favourite spot in the house.

Floating Plants: Some lone walls in your house can be perked up with some pretty hanging plants. This decor brings in a lot of cheer and happiness into your home zone. Paintings and frames are fine for your living room walls and you could try perking up your balcony or foyer area walls with hanging plants. This way you wouldn’t miss on not having a garden in your apartment.

These ideas which are given above, will leads you to get optimized corner spaces in the house.