Myiconichome | 19 Decor Myths Crack down

Decorating a house could be the most fun loving and creative task it can be done through home decor online purchase, but many people have certain wrong notions about home decor. These beliefs and myths should be cleared so that everyone indulges in their home decoration and become Proud. A home is a home whether small or large and decorating your home will not only make you happy and contented with your space, but it will increase your bonding with your sacred space on earth.

  1. Home decor could be very costly: There is no rule of the thumb while decorating your home and you could experiment with a lot of home decor accessories. Do It Yourself styles and ideas at home which are not costly.
  2. Only professional interior designers should do home decor: Be your own professional home decorator. You can use ideas from pinterest and decor magazines. This Involve fun and experiment in every task, when you decorate your home through modern decor by yourself. You need not hire costly and renowned interior decorators & home decorators to decorate your home. Be your own boss and do whatever you feel like.
  3. Decor should be the latest and trending: If you like vintage then vintage it is! There is no rule which you should abide by while selecting a decor theme for your home. Mix and match various modern decor styles even if they are not trending currently.
  4. Ceilings look better in white: Its absolutely nonsense, You can experiment with perky shades on the ceiling. A bright yellow in a white kitchen looks awesome and cheery.
  5. Don’t repeat different patterns in the same room: The unique home decor is possible with purchasing unique home decor through online. If you like certain prints, there is no harm in mixing and matching two different prints in the same room. Your rug and sofa can have different prints but the trick is to select wisely. The prints should blend somewhere down the line to create an interesting impact.
  6. Dark colors make the house look smaller: Dark colors when decorated wisely with light colored furniture can actually make your space look very interesting. Using smaller furniture in such cases could actually impart a bigger look to the room.
  7. Cushions should be symmetric: This is a great myth which has been debunked recently. Look at the pictures below which show different patterns and shapes of cushions looking quite appealing together.
  8. Dining chairs should be symmetric: You can experiment with different dining chairs and low sitting stools for the same dining table. This imparts a cosy look to your home decor.
  9. Small rooms should have small furniture: A particularly small room can have a large couch or a huge dining table setting and look great and comfortable.
  10. To be Stick to one style whether contemporary or ethnic: Different areas of the room can have different themes like ethnic or contemporary. A single room too can have modern wall decor, light fixtures & some sort of room decor with an ethnic sitting. The key behind is to use moderation and the art of blending.
  11. Leave vintage furniture as it is: You can repaint or decorate your vintage furniture to revamp its look and create a stunning effect.
  12. Put children’s art only on the kitchen fridge: A great children’s room would look even better having wall frames of their own art or bed sheets painted with their own designs.
  13. Just use one area rug in one room: You can play with 2 or 3 different rugs of different designs in the same room as shown below.
  14. Pop in some colour in every room: It is not necessary that every room should have a pop of colour to balance the effect. A room could be completely in neutral shades or white shades if you prefer it that way.
  15. Have less furniture to create a spacious look: A lot of furniture blended properly with each other could also impart a spacious look to the room and it is not necessary to leave the house empty to look spacious.
  16. If you have kids in the house, do not have any furniture: The common sense in this is to have furniture which is kid friendly. Stack away all your glass or brittle show pieces and cover all your sharp edged furniture for fear of hurting the little ones. But you can have a lot of kid friendly furniture which looks very comfy and cosy in a house full of little children.
  17. Wall paper will get outdated soon: There is no harm in experimenting your decor with wall papers because wall decor ideas or good for decoration. This is a great way to perk up your dull decor and less costly too. Do not listen to old tales of restricting wall paper use. Use them in moderation and you could always get them removed a few years later.
  18. Never mix metals: It is a nice home decor ideas is to use nickel finish, chrome finish, brass or copper coloured furniture together as it raises the aesthetic appeal of the house when done smartly.

So, basically do whatever you want for decorating your home. There is no thumb rule for home decor. It is merely a reflection of your persona, your ideas and your experimentation in your space by the way you want to do.