Year-End Furniture Sale

When To Buy furniture and Home Furnishing Products in Chennai??

Year-end is the best time to buy a host of products that you have on your shopping list. Mostly, you get the offer for clothes, furniture, furnishing, electronics, and any product under the sun around the year. Diwali is the best time to buy, but then, the year-end sale gives you a lot of time to think and re-think! That’s right, if you have missed buying anything during Diwali, you just have to wait for another month. You get tons of products with a lower price tag.

Generally, when we see the huge discounted price, we tend to stuff as many products we can. But, wait a minute my friend, you could be smarter than that. Mostly, during these sales, you end up buying too many things that you would not actually use. To avoid that carefully plan your festive time shopping at the beginning of the year. I’m not asking you to have a huge checklist. Instead, have a mental note of which things to buy when.

Which is the best time what? – 5 Things to look for on a Year-End Sale
1. Air Conditioner
Are you planning to buy an AC for your home? You don’t have to wait till summer. Think about buying it during the winter, you get the best variant at a very low price. You also have the advantage of reading the real reviews of people who have bought it last summer. You can track those products online and check the prices. You get the best discount as well as freebies too.
But if you want the latest products from the market, then you have to wait until the summer. That’s when most of the latest AC models get launched.

2. Appliances
Appliances are best bought during any festival. The year-end sale gives you ample time. As the discounts run for a span of a month, you have your own sweet time to decide whatever you want. But, if you have missed buying any, then you have the Republic day deals to watch for.

3. Mobile Phones
You get the best deals on mobile phones around the year. There is a new rage on the mobile launch technique off late. That is to lure the people to buy by only offering limited numbers on sale. This technique is the present rage in India. Almost, all popular mobiles are getting launched this way. But the only problem with this is, you would not be able to read genuine reviews by people who have actually used it. You should only go by the critics point of view. If you are not a fan of these sales baits. Then, you can get best deals during the year-end sale on many mobile phone models.
You just need to do a research on the latest mobile phones on the internet. Then, finalize one that best suits you. Check for the prices across many websites. Don’t forget to check the prices in the local mobile stores too.

4. Home Furnishing
Though you may not plan anything about this, as it is really need based purchase. It is best to wait until a new year sale. In this sale, you get tons of discounts for mattresses, curtains, cushion covers, and many more home furnishing products. If you are planning to revamp the interiors of your home, you could wait until the new year to get fabulous deals across many products during this season.

5. Furniture
There are deals for dining table, sofa, tv units, cots, etc around the year. But, a sale will give you additional discounts on these products. Here again, you don’t have to buy all the furniture you want in one single sale. You can wait till the next sale. There are few pieces of furniture that you may or may not need. So, don’t get carried away by huge discounts, you would always get another soon.

How to do the shopping?

I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t get carried away by the discounts and sweet talks of the salesman! Do your own research. It is very easy and here is how,

  1. Do a fair research on the internet. Check for the prices on various websites
  2. Try finding coupon codes. If you are buying from a shop, check their Facebook page on deals and sale
  3. Don’t forget to read the user reviews of the product and also the store
  4. Check for the delivery options and also the number of days that you may have to wait for the delivery.
  5. Also, check for the combo offers. Mostly, if you have to buy a related product, it is most likely that you would get the best discount on both the products
  6. Always bargain with the salesman. Who doesn’t? But this would fetch you an extra 5% off.
  7. Don’t shop in a hurry. Be patient, there is always a good time to buy.

So, here is everything you need to know about the year-end shopping. Now, go shopping!