bare wall

5 Amazing Wall decoration Ideas that could transform a windowless wall

Do you have a big windowless wall? It could be a perfect canvas Wall decoration makes home a beautiful place and creates memories while presenting it in a great way.

Here are a few wall decor Ideas for a stunning new look for the boring wall

Photos with beautiful photo frames

Photos are beautiful ways to re-live the past. Check for the latest photo frames online. You could make a collage by clipping up photos in a multipurpose photo frame like this.

Or you could hang many photos in a wall asymmetrically and transform it to a wall gallery.

  1. Use wall shelf

A wall shelf is the best way to decorate a bare wall. It serves many purpose as well. Wall shelves could be added in living rooms, above your couch or any unutilized corners to store your books. It can also be added to bathroom walls to give you lot of space to keep your essentials. There are a couple of types of wall shelves with many utilities

a) Floating wall shelf
Floating wall shelf maximizes your space and is a best possible way to display your photos or mementos. These wall shelf is a brilliant piece of art itself as it comes with invisible brackets.

You could decorate your living room with contemporary wall shelves or the ones with vibrant colours. It depends on how you want your living room to look like. You can store your living room essentials like, DVDs, books, candles or even plants. You can add a couple of showpieces to it to give it a pleasing look.

If you want to arrange your books, you could use the floating wall racks. If you want to give an elite look to your living room, try cubes and rectangular wall shelf. You could try various colour combination that would suit your wall.

b) Wall Shelf with hooks

This wall shelf placed on the entry way could help you to hold your keys, handbag, caps or any other daily essentials. You keep a flower vase or an aroma diffuser on the shelf.

  1. Wall decals and stickers

Buy wall decals and wall stickers with which you could add beautiful colours to your wall. Wall decals are the most ignored when it comes to home decor. Don’t you think it is really great to look at walls with pictures than a blank boring one? Wall decals or stickers help you get the perfect mood. It gives you a fresh feeling every day.

Wall stickers with quotes remind us everyday of our life’s value and fills us with good memories.

  1. Paintings, Artwork and Lighting
    Paintings are best thing to decorate any place. Wall Art gives a beautiful look to a bare wall. A simple painting by your kid or a professional art work in a canvas. It could set an excellent mood to your home.

Hanging lights or spotlights could also add up to the perfect ambience. Hanging lights are the most sort after off late. They are easy to maintain as well. So you wouldn’t have much fuss in using them

  1. Arrange variety of sculptures

Sculptures give an elite look and is less fussy. All you need is a driller and some sculptures that is small and wall mountable. You could hang the sculptures asymmetrically and give a perfect makeover.

So, don’t you think these are cool to decorate a boring windowless wall? How have you dealt with your bare wall?