9 Essentials for Your New Home

If you are an owner of a new home, then you need to prepare a list of essentials that you would need.

1. Living Room needs
The living room is the face of the house. As soon as you enter your home, you need to have a warm and welcoming environment. In order to get that, you need to carefully buy stuff for your living room. The basic requirement for a living room of any size is a couch or sofa set, a television and if you prefer you can add a home theater to the TV.

2. Curtains
Curtains help in controlling the natural lighting of the home. If your rooms are very bright in the daytime, then you need to buy darker shades. If your rooms are too dark and do not have enough natural light, then choose thin, pastel color curtains. Ideally, it is best to have two sets of curtains for a window. You can use darker ones during summer and bright ones during winter. While buying curtains, you need to take care of the following aspects
a) Measure the width of the window - The curtains must be 4-5 inches over the width of the window.
b) The height of the curtain rod - the curtain rods must be 4-5 inches above the window and also 4-5 inch wider than the window on either side
c) Length of the curtain - Curtains should fall 2 inches above the floor. This is the ideal length of any curtain be it for a window or a door.

3. Dining Table
Dining tables and chairs are also in the must haves list for a new home. You can select the perfect size by measuring your dining room. If you have a living cum dining area in your home, then it is best to buy a dining table which is small. While it is best to have a dining unit, you should take enough care to not to make it a clutter zone of your home. A messy dining table is an eyesore.

4. Kitchen Essentials
Kitchen essentials would include refrigerator, hob, chimney, modular kitchen units. Select the best color for your modular kitchen cabinets. Even if you choose not to have sophisticated modular kitchen cabinets, install closures for the cabinet area. This way the kitchen would not look like a mess. Another important kitchen essential would be the exhaust units. Chimney and exhaust fans play a great role in this. It is best to buy chimney and hob on combo offers. This way you could save a lot. Even if you have a chimney, it is better to install an exhaust fan. This would help to get rid of the heat. Kitchen essentials also include cookware. You need to invest a small amount on cookware as well.

5. Bed and Mattress
It is better to carefully invest on something on which you are going to spend at least one-third of your life. Bed and mattress are very important for any home. By choosing a wrong one, you would ultimately end up having sleepless nights. In order to avoid all this, invest in the best mattress brand and also the one which comes with a good warranty. It is wise to buy a mattress which offers a trial period.

6. Shelves and Units
Shelves and units could be your crockery unit, wall display units, bookshelves, corner stands, chest of drawers, etc. These would help you to arrange your stuff easily and makes your lifestyle much easier. Ideally, for a new home, you need a shoe rack, wall shelf, book shelf, chest of drawers, TV unit and a pooja unit

7. Electrical fittings
Lighting is very important for a home. Choose from attractive ceiling lamps, hanging lights, spotlights, designer lamps and also emergency lights. This would help you to create a better mood in the evenings. Electrical fittings also include air conditioners (buy AC online Chennai), water heaters, and microwave oven. Any home needs all this stuff which simplifies a lot of your work.

8. Home improvement products
You need to have house cleaning products like floor cleaners, soap trays, ladders, iron board (optional), cloth dryer stands, broom, mop and things which help to keep your house clean. You also need to have pest control in place. Pest control does not necessarily mean that you have to invest in pest control services. You could use organic repellants to keep pests at bay.

9. Grocery
This may sound weird. But, you need a small amount of money to invest on every month on groceries. If you are a new homeowner, you many need to invest on grocery as well as food storage items. This would help in smooth running of the home.

These 9 items are extremely important for a new home. These items are workable on any home decor budget. Given the options, you could carefully choose what to buy within your budget. For any purchase for your home, we recommend looking at online deals. This way you could avoid unnecessary expenses. Many online shops have come with jaw dropping deals and quality products. It is best to look around before buying products for your home.

So, Tell us from where you would start if you are a new homeowner? If not, what is your solution for a new home buyer? Share your ideas with us on the comments below

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