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How does mattress help with one's sleeping habit?

Sleeping habits and preferences largely define your mattress selection. Since an average person spends 1/3 of his life on a mattress, it is highly essential to choose a good quality mattress that promotes a good and sound sleep. Most people are unaware of the fact that the kind of mattress affects their sleep quality. Different people have different sleeping habits and they should buy a mattress only after doing a thorough survey of the mattress. A bad mattress not only causes bad sleep but also leads to serious orthopedic problems. Everyone has different body shapes, sizes, firmness preferences and sleeping habits and so cater to this huge and diverse market, there are dozens of mattress types available.

What are the different sleeping positions?

Different sleeping positions place stress on different body parts, so different support levels are required. One should analyze partner’s sleeping habits also, before finalizing a mattress.

  • Side Sleepers: For those who prefer to sleep on their side, most of the body weight falls on the hips and shoulders. A hard bed could lead to pain in the hips, shoulders, ankles, and knees. An ideal bed, in this case, would be medium to soft and the bed should be comfortable enough to support your body curves and cushion the pressure points. The ideal position for your spine, in this case, should be parallel to the ground while lying down.
  • Spine End Sleepers: If you are one of those who loves to sleep on your back then you need to pick the medium to a firm range of mattresses. Most of the body weight falls on the upper back, bottom and heels for the back sleepers. A rigid mattress can cause pressure points and leave your lower back unsupported. A too soft mattress can cause your upper back to sink in too deep into the mattress causing an uneven position and discomfort. You need a medium to the firm range to cushion the pressure points and yet keep your body aligned preventing the upper back to sink in too deep.
  • Back End Sleepers: These kinds of sleepers put the maximum pressure on their face, chest, and elbows. A too soft mattress can cause your upper body to sink in deeper in the mattress and the lower back to remain in an alleviated position and place a lot of tension on the neck. A too firm mattress could cause pressure points. So the best mattress would be a medium to firm ranged one. The back should not feel strained or pressurized while resting.
  • Partner’s Sleeping habits: Also greatly affect your sleep. If your partner tosses and turns too often, then you should go in for a mattress with better motion isolation like foam ones and pocketed coils. Yet if you have problems with sleeping, you can consider going for a customized mattress. Latex mattresses have this option for couples.

Mattress Types - Infographic

The key to choosing the right mattress is to first find out about the various options available and then shortlist your sleeping habits. Depending on your sleeping habits, you should select your mattress.