15 Useful Tips for Cleaning Your Home Furniture

Furniture collects a lot of dirt and fades over a period of time. According to the type of furniture, cleaning varies. You have wooden furniture or an upholstered furniture or a leather furniture at home. Most of this requires a tremendous amount of cleaning and daily care. These hacks will help you learn how to clean different types of furniture.

Wooden furniture Cleaning Tips

Wooden Furniture

1. Dust your furniture regularly. Once in a while, clean the furniture with a soft cloth and diluted dishwashing soap. And wipe with a dry cloth immediately.

2. Before cleaning your upholstery, always do a spot test. This helps to know if there is any potential damage to the fabric because of the cleaning agent.

3. Tea bags are very helpful for polishing your furniture. Boil water and add two tea bags and strain it. Use the concoction along with a soft cloth for cleaning your wooden furniture.

Upholstered furniture cleaning tips

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4. To keep your home upholstery fresh, vacuum it every month. The vacuum helps to get rid of dust, dirt or hair instantly and you will be surprised to find your couch bright and new.

5. To get rid of stains, add 3 tsp dish cleaning liquid, 3 tbsp vinegar and 2 cups of warm water in a bowl. Whisk until you get a lot of foam. Use only the foam to work on the stained surface with the help of a soft brush. Then use an absorbent cloth to remove the foam.

6. For mild stains, you can use white vinegar directly on the stains of your upholstery and wipe it off with an absorbent towel.

7. Always check the wash care instructions mentioned in your upholstery before cleaning it yourself. Some type of fabrics requires professional service. Check this before buying.

8. For cleaning mild stains, you can also use an iron with a steamer. Add water to the iron and set the temperature according to the type of the fabric. Gently work on the stained surface.

Leather furniture cleaning tips

9. If you have a leather couch, clean it gently with a microfibre cloth. Never use a soaking wet cloth. Vacuum the crevices once a week to get rid of dust particles.

10. If there is a spillage, blot away immediately with a dry cloth. Never use a wet cloth to clean leather upholsteries. For best results, always use the products recommended by the manufacturer. This helps to prevent any damage that may arise out of cleaning.

11. To improve the life of your leather furniture, do not expose it to direct sunlight or air conditioner. This may cause the furniture to develop cracks.

12. If there are any cracks or damages in your leather furniture, buy a leather restoration kit and work on the damaged parts.

Office furniture cleaning tips

13. Use liquid soap and water and work along the upholstery with a cloth. Do not use a soaking wet cloth. Dry it by vacuuming. This would make the upholstery look fresh and new.

14. For stains, refer to the wash care manual of the manufacturer. For certain types of fabric, you can use a water-based detergent and for certain types of fabric, you cannot use water. Always check before cleaning.

15. Clean the wheels of your office chair. Over a period of time, the wheels tend to collect dust and hair. Remove the dirt with the help of a butter knife or screwdriver. Clean the wheels with a dry cloth.

Only when you clean your furniture, you will be surprised to see how fresh it looks. Furniture loses the color and texture over a period of time due to weather exposure. We can maintain the furniture by cleaning it at least once a month. Always check with the furniture shop about cleaning and maintenance. As furniture is a long-term investment you have to choose wisely.