Myiconichome | Check this before buying your mattress

Buying a mattress has to purely rely on personal comfort and choice. What may be preferred by one can lead to discomfort and back pain to another. There are so many models and brands available in the market today that the mere thought of going mattress shopping seems exhausting. Mattresses can be very costly but it’s a wise decision to spend a little more on a good quality mattress. It is of utmost importance as you are going to spend 9-10 hours of rest on it every day. An average mattress should be flipped after 8 to 10 years. So, your new mattress should be durable enough to withstand daily use for 8 to 10 years. Mentioned below is the ultimate guide to buying the right mattress for your beds.

How to buy a mattress?

  • Do some survey on support: The core of the mattress provides support. There are 4 types of cores like innerspring, foam, latex and air-filled mattress. If you prefer your mattresses with a bounce then you should go in for the innerspring ones. These have metal coils that typically range from 12 gauges to 18 gauges. Twelve gauges are the thickest while 18 gauges can be compressed and is the thinnest. If you prefer an extra firm base, then it’s advisable to go for the memory foam ones. The foam’s density varies from 2 to 6 inches. It does not sink in or budge after sitting. If you like buoyancy then you must go in for the latex mattresses. These are a bit pricier but can live up to 20 years. The natural ones are anti-microbial too. They are similar to the memory foam in terms of density but have a bit of spring back quality to them. Air-filled mattresses can be customized according to your specification. You can control the amount of air inside with the help of a remote.
  • Sleep Positions: One can also choose mattress depending on the sleep positions. If you sleep on your side, then you could go in for the cushy memory foam or innerspring which provide ‘pressure relief’. If you sleep on memory foam you will feel like sleeping above the stomach. You could go for other variables. If you tend to sleep on the bed like your spine facing bed then any kind of mattress will be suitable. If your partner tosses and turns all over the night, then you can prefer for a customized air-filled mattress with a dual chamber.
  • Other lifestyle preferences: If you tend to sleep hot, then consider going for an innerspring fiberfill topped mattress. A removable fiberfill can be easily washed and maintained. Foam and latex mattresses are best if you are prone to allergies as they are antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites and mold. Some big companies manufacture mattresses combining the buoyancy of an innerspring with the motion isolation of memory foam. These hybrid varieties can be costly, but they are preferred by many.

A sound sleep is a modern world luxury and one should not think about the price factor while indulging in this very basic necessity.