Myiconichome | Tips to Clean Mattress

A largely neglected part of household cleaning, we often leave the mattresses as it is because of their weight. Over the years, mattresses accumulate a lot of germs and dust mites and this if left unattended leads to serious skin diseases. Only changing the bed sheets is not enough. Since we spend 1/3 of our lives on the mattress, it is essential to properly maintain it and keep it clean and hygienic. The below mentioned tips can guide you how to clean a mattress & maintaining it in effective way.

  • Suck it up: The only possible way to thoroughly clean a mattress, is vacuuming it. One must vacuum both the sides of the mattress once a month. All those invisible dust mites, germs, dead skin cells and other bacteria can be efficiently cleaned from a mattress with a large capacity vacuum cleaner. The strong suction force of the vacuum cleaner sucks up this debris and does not let the germs thrive. The upholstery cleaner can also effective. If these left unattended can lead to skin diseases and allergies.
  • Let it out: Another great way of maintaining the hygiene of the mattress is by airing it once a month in sunlight. The strong sunlight dries away any accumulated moisture which might have settled in the mattress. Moisture leads to bacteria breeding and moulding. A dry mattress does not have favourable conditions for the bacteria to thrive. Airing it once a month also lets go of any foul smell or lingering odour and gives a fresh and crisp feel to the mattress.
  • A weekly practice: While changing the bedspreads or bed sheets daily, one must make it a practice to wait for a few minutes for the mattress to catch some air before putting on the fresh ones. Sofa bed cleaning is also important. You can also open your windows and doors while doing this to let in some fresh air and sunlight.
  • Clean it immediately: Spills and stains are natural in a house full of kids. Always make sure to act quickly in the case of a leak or a spill on the mattress. Absorb the liquid immediately with a blotting paper or a newspaper and then let the mattress out to dry in the sunlight. Doing so will prevent moisture to settle in the mattress.
  • Staining: If you have an infant sleeping on the mattress daily then it’s a good idea to cover your mattress with a mattress protector or a plastic sheet to prevent the urine to be absorbed by the mattress. This will prevent the stale smell frequently coming from homes having toddlers and infants. It’s easier to clean the bed sheet and the plastic sheet than the mattress every time and hence it’s a good idea to cover it up well. If the urine does stain the mattress, then apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the stained area and blot the affected area. If this does not work try applying some laundry detergent to the affected area and rub it vigorously with a brush. Simple stains go away with normal citrus cleansers. Remember to dry out the mattress completely after such cleaning before putting on the fresh bed sheet.

These simple steps Help’s to keep the mattress spic and span.