Sleepwell V/S Kurlon – Choose from Top selling Mattress Brands in India

Kurlon and Sleepwell mattresses have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the mattress industry. Both the companies offer rubberized, coir, spring, and foam mattresses. Kurlon also specializes in therapeutic foam mattresses which is gaining quite popularity these days. While both the mattresses are equally good, there is a slight difference in both the kinds and anyone can choose according to one’s preference.  The following is a comparison between both the mattresses:

Sleepwell V/S Kurlon

  • Sleepwell does not manufacture the therapeutic foam mattress like Kurlon.
  • The Kurlon mattresses are 4 to 5 inches thick whereas the Sleepwell ones range from 4.5 inches to 8 inches. Sleepwell mattresses are thicker than the Kurlon ones.
  • The Kurlon ones are generally less expensive than the Sleepwell ones.
  • The Sleepwell Company gives utmost importance to customer relationship which the Kurlon sadly lacks.
  • Kurlon creates customized mattresses on request.
  • Sleepwell mattresses are widely available all over India and they have an online portal which is very customer friendly. Kurlon relies on its dealers only.
  • Kurlon provides different warranties on different models. In Sleepwell mattresses, the cheaper mattresses have a warranty of 1-3 years and in costlier models, the warranty ranges between 7 to 10 years.
  • While Kurlon takes a few days to deliver depending on the dealer and the stock, Sleepwell typically delivers within 2 days depending on the authorized dealer.
  • They both do not have a trial policy.
  • Kurlon’s range of spring mattresses includes Angelica, Panacea, and many others. Sleepwell’s range of spring mattresses is fewer as compared to Kurlon’s. They are Amity, Harmony Royale, Tranquil and a few others.
  • Kurlon’s selection of rubberized coir mattresses is Budget, Klassic, Kushi and several such others. Springwell’s selection includes Alpha DLX, Zenith Luxury, and some others.
  • Kurlon manufactures foam mattresses like Magna and a therapeutic foam mattress called Ortho. Sleepwell manufactures foam mattresses like Nano and Regal.
  • Both manufacture standard Indian sizes.
  • Many people suffer due to poor delivery and customer service from Kurlon. Sleepwell by far has the best service and dealership in India for mattresses.

Kurlon Coir and Spring mattress

Sleepwell Coir and Spring mattress


Both the mattresses are very good in terms of quality, comfort, warranty, and support. One can easily choose according to one’s budget when it comes to mattress selection.

How to buy a mattress?

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Here are the quick points that you need to remember:

  1. Check for the support that it offers
  2. Your sleeping pattern
  3. Other preferences like removable fiber, maintenance, etc.