10 Busted Mattress Myths That Every Buyer Should Know

It can be a tough job to decorate your home and with the ample number of choices available in the market today. Selecting the right one is really stressful. In Such case of selecting the perfect mattress for your beds, we are all aware of the pros and cons of buying the wrong mattress.

With the wrong mattress comes back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Such pains can mar the quality of your life and 50% of back aches are the result of sleeping on the wrong mattress. People end up buying the wrong mattress because many of them are not aware of the facts. Following is a list of certain “MATTRESS MYTH” which people blindly follow and end up in trouble

10 Busted Mattress Myths That Every Buyer Should Know

  1. Go for a firm mattress if you have a backache: This statement is not appropriate because People suffer due to back pain issues due to the unhealthy mattress. While a firm mattress could be comfortable for some people, but it could highly provide discomfort for many others. So, choose good quality mattress then only that suits the best.
  2. The costlier the better: This holds highly untrue because many companies produce various kind of mattress for backache, which suits for the different economic sector of the society.
  3. Replace your mattress every 8-10 years: This is a general old age rule of the thumb which needs to be changed now. Every mattress has different age limits and needs to be changed accordingly. It could be 5 to 10 (or) 10 to 15 years.
  4. Just pick what you like because no mattress can be perfect: People sometimes buy according to their budget and do little interrogation into the types of mattresses. A little research would do no harm and lead them to buy a really good and comfortable mattress.
  5. Locally made mattresses are no good: This is completely absurd. One can get great good quality mattresses from their local manufacturers too and can save a lot of money.
  6. Mattresses are the same as they used to be 15 years ago: Over the years, with new technologies and innovation, even the simplest form of coir mattresses have been changed and improved. So definitely have to try the new ones.
  7. A good mattress will prevent tossing and turning: No mattress can prevent it, some Good Mattress will reduce your tossing and turning and help you get into a deeper sleep.
  8. A good mattress will be a perfect fit from the first time onwards: This statement is an absolutely misleading myth because it takes some time for our body to get adjust and fit comfortably into the mattress. So take some time!
  9. The age of a mattress does not affect your sleep: If your mattress if older than 8 years, you might have some sleep issues and it’s time to flip it for a newer one.
  10. The mattress will remain the same in weight over a period of time: A mattress gains weight over the years with the absorption of dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.

These and many such myths crowd people’s minds when they go mattress shopping. It is a good idea to do some survey before buying a good quality mattress.