Myiconichome | Top 10 Mattress Brands in India

Many companies in India have been manufacturing high-quality mattresses in different materials catering to a vast and diverse customer base. There are a few brands which have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the mattress industry. The following is a list of the top 10 mattress brands in India.

10. Restonic

 A great mattress innovated keeping the medical advice in mind, this one is beneficial for those who are prone to allergies. This mattress is very hygienic and is breathable. They provide utmost comfort and relieve the pressure points. It also reduces tossing and turning and enables deep sleep. This brand manufactures two kinds of mattresses according to the customer requirements.

9. King Koil

A leading furniture manufacturing group, this one also makes mattresses. Their mattresses are highly comfortable and provide a comfortable support system. They have a wide range of the perfect solution, spine support, perfect contour and natural response. As the titles suggest, each mattress lives up to its claim.

8. Sleepzone

One of the oldest mattress companies, this one is considered as one of the topmost selling mattresses in India. They have a wide range of products like the European, organic latex, galaxy bonnet pro spring, sleep zone pocket, sleep zone spring, memory foam and such other variants.

7. Duroflex

This brand focuses on the undisturbed and good night sleeps for the customers. The mattresses are great supporters to the body while resting and are available in 4 different ranges like the rubberized coir mattress, luxury mattress, spring mattress and puff mattress.

6. MM Foam

This very old mattress company also offers 4 different types of mattresses like the sincere mattress, spring mattress, dual mattress and coir mattress.

5. Dunlopillo

A contour adjusting mattress maker, this was the first brand to introduce Latex mattress in the world in 1931. Their mattresses are more flexible and elastic in nature thereby providing a comfortable sleep. The main ranges of these mattresses are the TempSmart, Classic, Harmonize and Fusion.

4. Tempur-Pedic

This Company uses memory foam in its mattresses for better support to the customer’s body. It also focuses on spine alignment. Their 4 basic variants are Cloud, Contour Collection, Weightless and Simplicity.

3. Rubco

This one comes directly from the Coir Division of Kerala State and provides great sleep for every age group. It is specially prescribed for older people. It has 7 variants of coir mattresses like the Dosth, Sfal, Yathra, Heal, Relief, Heaven, and Hi-Tech. It covers high-end luxurious mattresses to the orthopedic ones and caters to a wide range of products.

2. Sleepwell

This brand is very well known in India when it comes to mattress buying. They offer huge options like the Spring Fresh, Premium, Back Support, Flexi –Puff and many such more. They are very hi-tech and use the latest technologies in mattress making.

1. Kurl-on

The best brand in India so far for mattresses, this company has mattresses such as foam, spring, rubberized coir and others. They use high-quality material and the latest technology and are at the top in India at present.

A proper survey has lead to the conclusion of the above brands as the best selling Top 10 mattress brands in India.