Green Space at home

Amazingly Simple Small Garden Ideas for Your Home

Green space is very important to reduce the impact of global warming. We do not have the luxury of having a big green patch at home. The reducing sizes of our homes have cut down our individual contribution to green space to our society. having said that, green space is not only our responsibility, it is also very essential for us

There are many benefits of having a green space at our home

You know what you are eating - Most of our food are contaminated with harmful pesticides. These pesticides are responsible for many diseases. The shocking report shows the level of pesticides in our food. Even though organic products are available in our Indian market. There is no bureau to monitor or certify its authenticity. We cannot trust the products that are sold as “organic” in our markets. If we produce our own vegetables/fruits, we could avoid the impact of harmful pesticides to some extent.

Passion/ Hobby - Maintaining a green space is a great passion/ hobby. We feel so relaxed in the arms of nature. We can get relieved of the stress from our lifestyle by engaging in a fulfilling activity like maintaining a terrace garden. This way we feel so close to nature. By seeing us the younger generation also understand their responsibility. It also helps us teach them their science lessons easily and practically. This, by and large, helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

There are many other benefits of having a green space at home. By creating a green space at home, we also use our organic wastage by organic composting. If we have an RO plant at home, instead of wasting liters of water on the recycling process, we could use that to water our plants.

Amazingly Simple Small Garden Ideas for Your Home

What do you need to start?

To start with having a green space, you need some useful supplies. Planters, seeds, soil, compost, and water, of course. You could buy these while you Buy home decor items online or from any shops near your home. I strongly recommend online shopping websites where you can get the basic supplies at great deals.

Where to start with?

Buy two to three small planters to start with. Get organic seeds from organic shops. They give you high-quality output. Place these planters on your windowsills or balconies or open terrace

Windowsills are the best place to have a small kitchen garden. You could use the mint roots, coriander roots/ seeds, fenugreek seeds, lettuce or even thyme. But, for beginners, it is ideal to stick to our native plants rather than hybrid/foreign ones.

Balconies have a great space for flowers like marigold, hibiscus, roses, calendulas, and petunia. You could also grow a small tulsi, basil or vegetable plants. You could even use this space for growing plants like green chilies, tomatoes, brinjal and lady’s finger. These plants grow without much hassle.

If you have a small terrace attached to your apartment, then you could invest in more planters and grow many vegetables, flowers, and herbs. You can try a combination of these to get a beautiful garden. You could start with tulsi, basil, coriander, mint, turmeric, ginger, aloe vera, lemongrass and vegetables like brinjal, tomatoes, green chilies, lady’s finger, ridge gourd, onion, garlic, cluster beans and flowers like marigold, calendula, hibiscus, and petunia.

Common spaces - If you belong to a big community, you could even start farming as a group activity. It can actively engage many residents. These 6 fun ideas could help you get your hand into community organic farming.

organic farming

Maintenance - Maintenance is very important for any farming activity, be it small kitchen/ home garden or a community garden. Be disciplined. Water your plants every morning to get the best out of it. Don’t take your plants for granted, would you stay without food for a day? The same rule goes for plants as well. Treat them as humans, then you wouldn’t forget. Pulling the unwanted weeds, cleaning the soil traces and changing the soil also goes with maintenance

Pests - Green space has uninvited guests many-a-times. Pests - they destroy the plants quickly and also destroy the spirit of the farmer! Have organic pest control solutions. You can use panchakavyam or neem oil spray to get rid of pests. You need to mix it with water and spray it on the plants to keep the pests at bay.

Best vegetables and fruits to grow in balconies

  1. Brinjal, Green chilies, lady's finger, Onions, garlic, tomato, ridge gourd, cluster beans
  2. Greens - palak, amaranthus and many other native greens
  3. herbs - basil, tulsi, thyme, Indian oregano (omavalli), Turmeric, ginger, perandai, lemon grass, betel leaf
  4. Fruits - pomegranate, guava, banana, and sapodilla
  5. Flowers - hibiscus, creepers/ crawler flowers, daffodils, bougainvillea, oleander and rose
  6. Trees - Neem, drumstick, palm, coconut, mango, Gulmohar, etc

Involve the kids - Do not forget to involve the younger generation in gardening. It is an excellent way of teaching them about nature and science. It also is therapeutic. They have to get to touch the soil and earthworms and know the fun behind farming. This also helps to motivate fussy eaters to eat healthy stuff.


To have a small green space, you need to be a strongly disciplined and highly motivated individual. The result is a treat for your eyes and tummy! It is a great hobby and a great home decor project for your home. Start today and share your green garden stories with us! When are you planning to start?