Myiconichome | The Worst Advice We has Ever Heard about Furniture!

There are many so called well wishers all around us to seem to have truck loads of important and experienced free advice for us all the time. These advice may not necessarily be true always and could well land us in a dilemma if not researched well. Use your own thoughts and get certain important factors before short listing new furniture. The following is a list of certain advice about furniture which are a defined below,

  • Grab it the first time you see it: Many of our dear aunts and uncles seem to have this valuable piece of advice. The news that you have got your own house and are looking for good furniture can go viral in no time and you would find yourself amidst your well wishers dying to give you valuable advice on buying furniture. One such commonly heard tip is to buy whatever furniture you like on your first shopping trip. They say so, because they feel that one might get confused on first shopping. This holds highly unreasonable, a good idea is to gather such information on all the kinds of furniture pieces available and their price ranges in your first trip for buying furniture.
  • Don’t get lure by seeing bedroom accessories offer: No, This again sounds unreasonable as you may get lovely discounts and offers. If you plan to buy different pieces from different stores, you might end up by having all sorts of colors and designs in your bedrooms which might look very mismatched later on. Be sensible and there are lot of great bedroom packages which are quite appealing and cheaper on the pocket.
  • Don’t throw of old furniture, because it might need later: This would just end up in hoard furniture and make your house look like a museum. Houses should have ample free space. Choose your furniture wisely, even if you have to use your old furniture. Make sure that, you haves only basics or necessary furniture.
  • 80’s furniture is the best: You might have heard this one too! Changing to current Trends is a wise mindset. It makes your home looks neat & modern. New styles and new trends have come up which are very contemporary and comfortable too. Widen your approach to furniture selection and you would find a lot of modern furniture which is highly appealing. The bulky and huge furniture pieces of the 80’s are a passé now.
  • Give importance to quantity for more storage: This would lead you to compromise on the quality and hoard a lot of unnecessary pieces of furniture in your house. Instead think about smart storages in the bed and above the cupboards but pick only the best quality and minimum furniture.

And last but not the least, decide for yourself. Your home is your sanctuary and has to suit your requirements and not others!