TOP 11 DIY Home Decor ideas

Home Decoration involves needs passion and creativity. Home Decor ideas are a simple way to revamp your home. Home decor projects are so much fun. It helps you in many ways

a) It could transform your old stuff to something new.

b) Save a lot of money.

c) It gives a great sense of satisfaction.

DIY projects also help in getting your partner involved. It becomes so special and filled with a lot of memories. Ultimately, makes your home a beautiful place to live. Transform your home with the simple things you have.

TOP 11 DIY Home Decor Ideas

1. Prettiest car tire craft

We all have an old car tire. It occupies a big space in our lofts/attics. If you have no clue of what to do with it. This is the best DIY home decor idea to upscale your used tire. This could creatively engage you and give you a big space to stack something else in your loft. 

Make a beautiful planter with an old used car tire. You need a big piece of plywood, few angles, a rope and of course a lot of interest in DIY crafts. Check out the full instructions here

2. Embroidery-hoops photo frames

This simple DIY idea is from a book called "Stitched Gifts" by Jessica Marquez. This craft uses the black and white colors. The design gives an elite photo gallery for your living room wall.

Embroidery hoops
courtesy: Countryliving

Things required

  • Black and white photographs 4 nos. Or more. (choose equal number of portrait and landscape ones)
  • Embroidery hoops - Slightly larger than the photos. A seven-inch diameter hoop for a 3X5 photo and a nine-inch diameter hoop for a 4X6 photo.
  • Pale hued fabric for each hoop - Linen fabric is the best
  • Fabric Stabilizer
  • Black Satin thread


  1. Cut a square of pale hued fabric. 2 inches larger than the hoop’s diameter. Cut the same size square of a fabric stabilizer
  2. Stack the fabric on top of the stabilizer. Mount both onto the hoop
  3. Place the photo in the center of the mounted fabric. Trace the corners of the photo. Mark an L shape on each corner.
  4. Use a satin thread and work from the ends of each L to its corner. This creates a triangle on the corners of the photo. Make sure you are not sewing through the photo
  5. Cut out any excess fabric at the back of the hoop. Repeat this for rest of the hoops. Your wall of memories would be ready in just a couple of hours!

3. Driftwood into a beautiful frame

I love using these driftwood. Especially because it is so easy to find. You could do so many interesting things with these pieces of wood. Use small pieces of driftwood to revamp an old picture frame or a mirror. This is the cheapest DIY idea that would last forever in your home. Check out the step by step instructions here

Drift Wood Frame
Courtesy: The Spruce

4. Chinese checker boards with a beautiful wall paint

I saw this simple DIY idea in a blog. We can even use our old snake and ladder puzzle boards to make a unique wall design. The make us nostalgic and take us to our childhood days. This is a great way of putting your old board games to use.

5. Modern wall hanging with tassels

Tassels are easy to find and look awesome in a sequence. To make this beautiful wall hanging all you need is some cotton cord, twine, brass tubing, clear braiding bands and a wood dowel. This is an absolutely stunning Do-It-Yourself wall decor idea

6. Intense Ocean Decor idea

I loved this super simple idea. You could put your old pickle glass jars or liquor bottles to best use. This needs only some old glass jars/bottles and glass paint. These glasses would make a wonderful flower vase in your living room. Learn how to do it here

7. DIY Headboards

Headboard design could be a great fun. Measure the size of your bed, get a canvas or a board of plywood for the width of your bed. Pin up the fabric on to the wood/ canvas. You stunning headboard is ready. If you are planning to <a href="https://www.myiconichome.com/336-mattress">buy mattress</a> or bed then you should provide room for this beautiful headboard idea!

Painted Headboard
Courtesy: Redbook Mag

You could even use an old rug instead of a fabric. But this may involve quite some work.

8. Decorative book covers

The decorative book covers idea is so stylish and unique. I loved the way it is displayed. We all have a lot of unused old hard bound books. This idea could put them to some use and give a fresh look to your bookshelves in less than half a day. All you need is some spray glue, fabric, and books

9. Beautiful clocks

This clock design, with family photographs, is a lovely way of displaying your family photos. It also gives a wonderful look for the walls. There are many designer clocks that could also be used along the same idea.

10. Rag Rug

With this rag rug, you can get your kids involved in decorating your bedroom. To make this rug, you need a non-skid rug mat, fabric strips and a lot of patience for tieing endless knots! You can choose the colors carefully to get a rug that suits your room color.

Other than these ideas, if you want to give a fresh look to your home try painting your old furniture. I found this video very interesting.

I came across another interesting DIY article today and thought it is worth adding up to the list.

11. River Pebble Bath Mat

Top 10 DIY from around the world
Courtesy: Top Reveal

It is a simple idea that involves only 4 items. A doormat, fevi-quick and a lot of black and white pebbles. This was originally published on churbly.com. Check the link for more.

Painting your old furniture

A fresh coat of colorful paint could revive your old furniture. It gives your home a refreshed look. Here is a  guide to paint your old furniture. I found it very useful.

These are the top 11 curated DIY Ideas from around the world. There are a lot of ideas yet to be listed here. I would keep updating this list as and when I get to see interesting DIY crafts. Keep Checking the post or If you have anything to share, share it on the comments below.