Myiconichome | Home Decor for the first timers!

Decorating your home is not a rocket science and it can be done with passion and interest. Doing by yourself will add a personal touch to your home. Your home will radiate with warmth and love.

When you enter into a raw house, the first step should be to visualize the different areas and get a rough idea about the different ways you could set up the sofa sets and the furniture. Go step by step and room by room, you would find it a very enjoyable task. The following tips help beginners to do home decoration.

Buying the essentials: Make a list and also roughly jot down your approximate budget for furniture. This helps you stay in line with your budget without indulging in too far. Essentials could be a sofa set, 2 beds, side tables, TV cabinet, shoe rack and such other pieces of furniture which are important in living a comfortable life. The furnishings like cushions, mattresses, mats, rugs can come later on. Once you have finished investing in the costlier items you are 60% through to decorating your home. Keep it minimum and spacious.

Be a Smart Shopper: If this is your first rented apartment, then it is a good idea to invest in furniture which you can take away with you later. Custom made curtains and wallpapers are an unnecessary investment which is of no use in your next house. Try to decorate using photo frames and pieces of art as they are an asset forever.

Illuminate with better fittings: Lighting up your home with pretty light fixtures can bring about a marked difference in your interiors and these are a necessary investment highly overlooked by many. Iconic home has a wide variety of trendy light fixtures for your new space.

Skip the costly furnishings: There is no point on spending for costly pillow covers or bed sheets as these keep changing with the trends and also have a wear and tear aspect. Buy the best only if you are decorating your own home.You can refer iconic home for less cost quality products.

Sturdy dining tables: This one is a must as a sturdy dining table would stay with you for long and can be a useful in many ways other than dining also.

Do not crowd: A home looks very costly and comfortable without the unnecessary cluttering of too many show pieces and unused pieces of furniture. Cleaning these could be a tiresome job every day. Invest in only important pieces of furniture initially and you could always upgrade and add on more later on.

These basic guidelines help you get settled comfortably in your new house. As you stay, you would realize the need and requirement for a lot for other necessities like bathroom accessories, magazine rack, certain kitchen ware and others. Buying these later would be easier on the pocket and keep you involved in your home decor. Home decor is a continuous task and one should take it up as a passion and hobby. It perks up the quality of your life and spices up your daily life.