Everyday Cleaning

9 Tips For Everyday Cleaning

Everyday cleaning is essential to keep your home clean. A clutter free home is the best place to live in. The home is a storeroom of clutter if you have young children. It is always a pile of mess with clothes on the couch, books on the dining table, dining chair in the bedroom, toys everywhere in the house and of course bed full of clothes or even some random stuff from your living room.

You wouldn’t be surprised to have those Lego blocks in your kitchen! The worst part is if you do not clean every day, you have to face a truckload of mess the next day! I know, I am not alone in this clutter clearance force. Almost all moms face this issue, every day!

Before I jump into it. I want to tell you about the tools that I use for cleaning the house. It would mostly include, spray bottles, old cotton clothes, dish cleaning liquid, floor cleaners, broom, mop, scrubber and a lot of patience of course!

How to use the used spray bottles in an effective way?

A spray bottle is a very handy tool for cleaning your house. A tool as in, it helps in many ways and saves loads of your time.

  1. Mix 10-12 drops dish cleaning liquid to one-litre water. Then store it in a spray bottle. By this way, you could avoid unnecessary spillage while cleaning. Also, the whole cleaning process becomes much easy. Use this liquid to clean up the kitchen slab every day or the kitchen counters or even the fans and lights.
  2. Mix a few drops of a liquid car wash to one-liter water. Store it in a spray bottle and leave it in your car. Do not forget to have a piece of waste cotton cloth. Even if you forget to clean your car. This spray is very handy.
  3. Use spray bottles to store your old perfumes. Mix it with water to dilute it. Spray this diluted perfume to curtains to make a perfect room freshener.
  4. Add half cup water to half cup poster colors. Mix well and transfer it to a spray bottle. Give this and a big chart to your kids. Let them make their own spray art. Cover the surface with old newspapers before doing this! (Disclaimer: This is not a cleaning tip of course!)

9 Tips for Everyday Cleaning

  1. Bedroom first!

As soon as you get up, make it a point to make your bed. I am sure, you wouldn’t step into the bedroom at least till you get your shower. If you leave it now, it would almost be like this till your kids leave for the school. It is the foremost thing to take care of the moment you get up.

  1. Wishy-washy next

Turn on the washing machine before starting your chores. It is the easiest thing to do but often forgotten till the middle of the day. You would get time to dry the clothes as soon as you finish off the kitchen chores. If you do this now, you do not have to wait for the clothes to dry up. It would be ready by noon.

  1. Kitchen slab and counters

The toughest thing is getting your kitchen cleaned after cooking. Cleaning it as soon as the breakfast it the best thing that you do for yourself. It would save the whole day for you. It would have it cleaned as soon as my breakfast on any given day. Cleaning the gas stove or the new hob that you bought for your new home is also included in this.

  1. Bathroom floor and mirror

A quick dash of cleaning liquid to clean the bathroom floors. This is best to do right before the shower. And after shower, it is best to use a wiper to clean the floors. So that it dries fast. Don’t forget to sponge the mirror.

  1. Dishes

Cleaning the dishes comes next. Chuck the used vessels in dishwasher and forget it for the next one hour. This may sound easy if you live some where out of India. Here, we do not give a damn to the dishwashers. So either we end up cleaning ourselves or a domestic help would do it for us. So I am lucky enough to have a dedicated domestic help to assist me with this.

  1. Drying Clothes

Use a cloth drying stand to dry clothes quickly, all in one place. It saves space and also your time.

  1. Putting things back

Put things back in its place. Start from the toys, books and clothes. By the time you get to finish this, at least half your daily chore is done. Dust the dining table and living room furniture. This would give a pleasant look to your home.

  1. Floor care

Sweep your home and wipe it clean with a mop. This helps to keep dust and mites at bay. Use an antibacterial liquid to clean the floor.

  1. Folding and putting away

Household chore ends with folding the dried clothes. If you forget to put the folded clothes away immediately, it would mostly likely to stay there till dinner! So, it is best to put it back as soon as you can.

By the end of the day, you would have the house clean and I am sure this would save your weekend! What is the best everyday cleaning tip that you have in mind? Share with me here on the comments below..