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7 Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Your Home

There are so many tricks that you must know to clean the stuff in your home faster. Without these handy tips, cleaning would really become a cumbersome task or prove to be costly if you depend on a domestic help. Try cleaning your home yourself, it gives a great sense of satisfaction. Caring for the place you live makes your life stress-free!

7 Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks For Your Home

Kids doodles on the walls

Kids’ wall doodles are the best things to adore! It carries sweet memories. But turns out an eye sore if it is done over and over on the same wall. If all the walls of your home are covered with doodles of different forms, then the home looks awful even if rest of the things are clean. Do we have to give a fresh coat of paint? Not at all. Try this simple technique

All you need is a sponge and some baking soda,

Sprinkle some baking soda onto a damp sponge, gently work on the surface. The result is a clean wall (ready for the next doodle!?!)

Dirty comb

It is super easy to clean a dirty comb. You would need warm water, little soap powder, and an old tooth brush. Add ½ Tsp of soap powder to the warm water and soak the dirty comb for 15 mins. Use the old toothbrush to work on the dirt. You don’t have to buy a new comb every week! You can clean the hair brush in the same way.

Stained chopping board

Sprinkle baking soda and some cleaning powder or dish soap on the stained chopping board. Cut a lemon into two halves. Use the cut side to work on the chopping board. This would remove even the deep stains and also the stench from the chopping board.

Greasy Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets look greasy with oil deposits. It turns dull in a long run. To avoid this, add warm water and some drops of dish cleaning liquid to a spray bottle. Sprinkle it on the kitchen cabinets. Use a soft cloth to wipe out the grease. Use a dry cloth again on the wiped area to get a perfectly clean kitchen cabinet

Copper vessels

Copper vessels are good for health. A cup of water stored in a copper pot every morning has loads of health benefits. We use copper vessels every day for many other purposes as well, cleaning is often a nightmare. Unless you haven’t read the rest of the post!

Use a squirt of ketchup and a dish scrubber to scrub down your copper vessels. It would look as good as new.

Easy toilet cleaning

Use tang juice powder to clean the toilet! Drop a teaspoon of the tang powder to the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes. Use a cleaning brush to clean the surface, then flush the water.

The broom 

Store the broom up right, handle down. This would protect the bristles from getting damaged and would last longer.

Super fast De-clutter

Don’t clutter the shoe rack as it gives an unpleasant look as soon as you enter the house. Use a metal or wooden shoe rack to neatly arrange the shoes. Try to clean it every other day to avoid clutter in the first place. The next would be the bed, do not throw anything on it as it looks like a store room. Clean the bed and dust the mattress the moment you wake up.

Carry a basket with you as you sort out the clutter, pick up stuff that does not belong to a room and put it in the basket as you go. Rearrange after picking everything up. This would save loads of your time.

Cleaning is a tiring task as I mentioned earlier, but they are plenty of easy methods to clean your home. Try and work on the short cuts the worst part is you forget everything after reading. The internet is loaded with too many hacks for you to remember. If you like the post bookmark it for your future reference or subscribe for our posts!

What is the best cleaning hack that you have learned ever? Pour in on the comments below