Myiconichome | How do you know that you need a new mattress?

Changing a mattress is a much neglected criteria in our day to day life. But all sorts of allergies remain hidden beneath bed sheets and bed covers. But we hardly realize the need to change it for a new one. The following guide helps us to find out if you need a new mattress:

  • Sleepless Nights: Ideally, a mattress should be replaced after every 9 to 10 years or even earlier if you find that you wake up with a stiff back, stiff joints, numbness and aches. If you feel that this happens only in your own bed then it may be a sign of changing the mattress. If you sleep better in a hotel bed than your own home bed then maybe it’s not fit to provide the comfort and support your body requires while sleeping.
  • Worn out Mattress: If the mattress looks worn out, bent, lumpy, dented or sagging then it’s time to replace it. A worn out mattress can cause more harm to your body more than your imagination. Money spent on mattress can save your health. Old proverb is apt for this issue that is ‘Health is Wealth’.
  • Older than 7 years: If your mattress has crossed 7 years and you will find yourself with increasing back pain problems, since the time of purchase. Maybe the mattress ageing affect your health and you should survey deeper into it. Try to sleep on a new mattress if it improves your sleep then you must change to your new mattress for sure.
  • Partner tossing and turning: If your partner tosses and turns all night, then maybe she/he is also not getting a sound sleep on this mattress and their tossing and turning could disturb your sleep too. The mattress is incapable of reducing motion transfer like it used to and hence has to be replaced.
  • Store house of germs, dust and mites: An old and worn mattress gradually become a store house of a large number of germs and dust mites because of the crevices and creaks developed in it over the years. This becomes very unhygienic and can lead to serious allergies and skin diseases too.

These guidelines help you to know that it’s time to change your mattress. After the initial 8 years, almost all mattresses lose their initial comfort and original support. All mattress manufacturer companies and the Sleep Council recommend changing a mattress after 8 years for better sleep. A person’s body and requirements also change with time and the mattress should be able to adapt to the changes and provide comfort accordingly, but if not then it’s time for a flip.