Kid's Room Decor Tips

5 Tips For Decorating Your Kid’s Room

There are so many things that you could buy for your kid's room. With the options available in the market now, it is indeed confusing to get the best for your kid's room. This post would help a new parent to choose the essentials for his/ her kid’s room. So, here are our top five tips for decorating your kid's room.

5 Tips For Decorating Your Kid's Room

1. Lighting

To get the best of natural lighting in the daytime, decorate the kid's room with a light color curtain. Do not decorate the kids' room with expensive lampshades or lamps. Install simple LED lights or concealed lights that can give a perfect lighting while the children study at the evenings.

2. Choosing the colors

Try getting your kids favorite color. Kids love bright colors and cartoon characters. Do not stick to the blue and pink rule. Be creative and try adding many colors to the kids' room. Do not invest on costly wall paints if you have kids under the age of 12. They love to doodle on the walls or you may have to stick the paintings of the kids. If you are planning to get a bright colored curtain or a bean bag. It is best to color the walls with neutral colors as it would complement any other bright color in the room. On the other hand, excess use of bright colors would be too jarring. Choose one bright color and leave the rest to underplay.

3. Is Air conditioning necessary?

Air conditioning is not necessary if your child is not going to sleep in the kids' room. Many Indian kids seldom sleep alone. But, if your kid spends most of the time playing his/her room in the daytime, then, it becomes necessary to buy an air conditioner for the kids' room as well. Make sure that they kids are not restricted to play only in a room with AC. Natural light and air are the best for them. It helps them grow in a natural environment without any sophistication.

4. Wall Decor

Make wall decor extremely simple and close to heart for kids, especially in their rooms. Install a green board for sticking your child’s artwork, is an excellent way to motivate the kid. I have a wall of fame in my kids’ room. They simply enjoy watching their doodles while they play. It also makes them creative. They come up with some new painting every day. If you cannot find a green board, then stick a big layer of a chart and stick your kids’ painting. Or, use sticky tacks to stick them. But, please do stick some of it.Kid's Room Decor

If you give a damn to how your walls look, then, it is best to leave a wall for your kids’ doodle. They get so excited if you give one wall all for themselves. Leave it open for their doodles. Be motivating and appreciate their doodles which at times would give you a heart attack!

5. Kids love for space

Like I said earlier, do not invest in costly furniture if your child is still in his early days. Kids need space. It is not a good idea to buy everything from a cot, kids chairs or a wardrobe if you have very small children. They like to have space in their room. Especially if you have their friends at home, then they love to play with their toys with them. So, it is a good to have a lot of space in the kids' room. Wait until your child turns at least 12 to invest on any costly furniture.

A Simple Guide for You Kid’s Room Essentials

For the first four years

  1. A big toy basket
  2. A basket for blocks
  3. Don’t forget to cover sharp edges, if you have any furniture like table and drawers.
  4. Mirror on the wall on their height. They love to look at themselves.
  5. Have enough place for a crib. If you have a hook on the ceiling you could get a swing as well.

5-8 years

  1. Small Chairs. A cupboard to arrange books, bag, and puzzles.
  2. A toy corner with a big toy basket.
  3. Stickers of cartoon characters
  4. If possible get a swing
  5. Bed, Mattress, and bedsheets - If your child sleeps in his/her own room, It is best to select a bed and buy mattress that is apt for the child's age. then get a couple of bedsheets with his/her favorite cartoon character.
  6. Crayon corner and place on wall to stick the charts

9-12 years

  1. If you have two children, you could get a nice bunk bed
  2. Computer table and chair
  3. A place for swing/ hammock.
  4. Whiteboard and marker,
  5. Gaming space for Xbox or PS
  6. A big cupboard with ample space for books, bag, and puzzles. A writing table
  7. A place to store their skateboards, scooter and other outdoor play things.

I am sure you would have got an idea of what to buy for your kid’s room. What are your ideas for decorating a kid’s room?