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Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen in Chennai, by APS Iconic Home

The Ultimate in Style & Comfort – Modular Kitchen, Chennai

If looking to installing a stylish and modern modular kitchen in the city of Chennai then you have indeed arrived at the right destination here on this page as we, APS Iconic Home are established service providers of new-age modular kitchen designs. The modular kitchen concept is based on providing style, comfort, durability and space efficiency, A lot of detailing goes into the installation of a modular kitchen that includes the countertop, cabinets, drawers, kitchen appliances, color hues, lighting and various other details. We, at APS Iconic Home, have technically well-qualified staff who possess the relevant expertise to set up and installing modular kitchen, Chennai as per customer requirements. We undertake modular kitchen projects for all kinds of homes viz. villas, apartment, studio, or townhome. We have a huge showroom in Chennai that houses several models of modular kitchen themes and accessories. It is our endeavor to provide unstinting workmanship and high-quality kitchen fixtures for transforming the kitchen into an area of total comfort while cooking.

Refreshing Range

At our showroom, we offer on display a refreshing range of modular kitchen options. Installation of these can be done at the earliest possible time after working out details with our esteemed customers. We give utmost importance to customer needs and customer satisfaction. We encourage prospective buyers to visit our showroom or contact customer support to express their ideas and vision regarding modular kitchen in detail. Our technically-sound sales staff will guide you through on the do’s and don’ts of the modular kitchen in Chennai.

Modular kitchen design can be adjusted as per the shape of the kitchen space. It is possible to cater to any kind of kitchen space shape, be it L-shaped, U-shaped, square, rectangular, or any other specific shape within the kitchen space.

Different Options in modular kitchens

The material used for modular kitchens is again wide and varied in type. All the materials should necessarily be water resistant as moisture and water are undoubtedly present in kitchens. MDF, particle board, plywood with lamination, acrylic are some material to name a few. High-grade stainless steel for the kitchen sink is best while premium-quality granite for the countertop serves well. Storage units are the other aspects of modular kitchens that need deep introspection. Space utility should be provided in the number of shelves, corner units, kitchen storage units, cabinets, and drawers of a modular kitchen for which APS Iconic Home has a great many offerings. Besides these the cooktop, hub and ventilator must be given consideration. As many varieties are available, taking the guidance from customer service of APS Iconic Home would be smart.

Check Plumbing & Appliances

Remember to check out the plumbing aspects especially in the sink area. The water outlet system should be efficiently fixed to prevent leakages if any.

Last but not the least, kitchen appliances are must in the modular kitchen in Chennai homes. Mixer-grinder, blender, toaster, chopper, cutlery, knife sets, the list just keeps progressing. Decide and choose optimally what are the appliances you think would suit your kitchen the most for at APS, you have varied choices to suit every budget.

Initial Survey & After-Sales Service

Should you be interested in getting a modular kitchen done up at your place of residence, our expert team is willing to visit any of the residences in and around the Chennai area for doing an initial survey and providing a relevant quotation.

Besides installation of modular kitchen, prospective customers are well advised to consider after sales service provided by the supplier. APS Iconic Home has a full-fledged after sales service for attending to issues arising after the deal is done. APS Iconic Home is one of the best modular kitchen designers in Chennai.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen in Chennai, by APS Iconic Home

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