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Interior Service for NRIs

Providing the Best of Home Interiors In Chennai For NRI Clients

The Non-resident Indian community is quite large living outside the country and these people are known to invest in homes within India in a majority of cases. Most NRI citizens prefer getting interiors done up stylishly for their homes, something similar in line to their residences abroad. Catering to requirements, it is now available exclusive and impressive Interior Service For NRI Clients suitable for luxury NRI Homes as well as medium budgeted NRI properties.

How does it work?

APS Iconic Home offers Interior Service Solutions to suit customized needs of NRI clients. In other words, the NRI customer gets to implement an interior design that works well for him or her without the burden of having to oversee the execution. The design and execution can be done as per NRI’s vision even if the NRI client is not physically present at the premises. Beginning with a survey of the concerned premises, followed by design, furniture layout, furnishing and décor related add-ons, all subject to the budget and prior approval of the NRI client. Once the concerned client registers his interest with APS Iconic Home, the next stage is site survey to gauge proper understanding of the interior needs. This is then followed with interior layout plan. The professional team then goes ahead with drawing and finalizing plan layout in a blueprint for approval. Next step is the preparation of the quotation based on the Interior Service For NRI Clients.

After approval of the interior plan layout and the budget allotted for the project, the real execution starts. The professional team undertaking the Interior Service project keep in regular touch with the NRI client keeping him or her abreast on the work progress going on. Besides mobile phone conversations, communication is an ongoing process between Interior service provider and the client via other modes such as skyping and emails.

Taking over Responsibility

There are different elements attached to Interior Service For NRI Clients. It is more encompassing as compared with customers who are staying within the country. The onus of responsibility for every work undertaken and executed by the Interior Service solution provider is more so in case of NRI client Interior Service project. Living room furniture, décor, and furnishing will need to be set. The modular kitchen design has to be fitted in. Bringing warmth and coziness to the bedroom with appropriate bedroom furniture, wardrobe, mirror, bedside tables must be identified and fixed. Home furnishing fabrics should match with the interior design them. Dining space filling again has to do with aesthetic sense. All wall hangings, photo frames, vases, artifacts will need to be placed systematically without the feel of clutter. Fine detailing at every stage is a must. Any changes or modification to be done would need approval via virtual communication with the NRI customer. Timely sending of photographs is vital for the NRI customer to view from long-distance.

The inclusion of bookshelf for the NRI customer is usually a norm, as most NRI enjoy stacking their bookshelf with books. Cushions are the other items that NRIs prefer having perched on upholstery and beds. Arranging for ample storage space in the modular kitchen would be a good idea. The idea of having basic electronic home appliances such as mixer-grinder, microwave, kettle, toaster, chopper, etc. would be most convenient if the NRI customer plans to visit India on and off on short vacations. With APS Iconic Home solutions in Interior Service For NRI Clients, they will always have a feel of home whether it is in India or abroad. Contact the customer care representative at the showroom in Chennai for full-fledged details.

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