Top 5 Problems That You Would Face With A Split AC

Air Conditioners are the must in any homes across the India, given the humidity and weather conditions in this tropical terrain. We have quite good options when it comes to buying an air conditioner. The problem that most of us face after buying an AC is always understated. We do not buy an air conditioner after exploring the problems and expenses that we may incur in future.

Many of these problems are unavoidable. But, many differ from model to model and is also based on our usage as well as maintenance. The problems that you would face with the AC would require an experienced service contractor's assistance. We may have to spend a minimum of service fee at least each time when we face an issue.

Your AC could break down at the most common problems as stated below

Faulty wiring

Shotty, haphazard or uncertified A/C wiring is risky and a possible fire hazard. Bad wiring can prevent the system from getting power or can trip the circuit breaker.

I am not aware as to how others do but in Indian construction, the wiring is done by the builder up front. Later when we install the air con, we end up facing a lot of issues, if the wiring is not properly done.  We must take proper care while we do our wiring initially the house gets built. In such a case, we may have to spend on getting the proper wiring done and also re-installing the air con.

Low refrigerant

Refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air within your air conditioning system. Reduced levels of refrigerant could imply a leak or problem with the refrigerant system. If your air conditioning system needs to be recharged with refrigerant, 90% of the time that suggests there is a leak. All refrigerant leaks should be located and repaired.

Outside fan is not working

The outside fan is responsible for conveying the heat from your your city home to the outside air. If the fan on the outside unit doesn’t perform correctly, proper heat transfer cannot take place and the air conditioning compressor may overheat and trip the safety overload. Worse yet, it may cause internal damage to the compressor.

Outside unit not functional

This usually indicates a lack of power, contactor problems or even a faulty thermostat. This may be due to some manufacturing defect of the unit. So, in this case, you may not have to shell out anything from your side.

The coil is frozen

The coil could be aluminium or copper. The modern inverter ACs use aluminium coils as they are corrosion free. Aluminium coils are difficult to clean. Hence, the coil may get frozen in a long run. A frozen coil often indicates an issue with the airflow, such as restrictions caused by filthy air filters or obstructed return air ductwork. Frozen indoor coils could also be the result of low refrigerant. If you are planning to buy AC with aluminium coils, then look for auto clean option.

These are the basic problems which we face with a split AC that would require an expert assistance. The best-known solution to avoid any long term problem is by maintaining the AC well.