SpringAir Spine Support Plus Mattress Rebonded And Memory Foam 6 Inch


Do you wake up everyday with sour back? Are you suffering from back aches? Then think no more. SpringAir Spine Support Plus Mattress is specially designed just for you.

SpringAir Spine Support Plus Mattress with Pressure Relieving – Visco-elastic Memory Foam is made from the finest materials combined with NASA-certified pressure relieving memory foam.

  • Temperature Sensitive : The Spine support Mattress adapt to the body temperature while redistributing weight and reducing spinal pressure by conforming perfectly to the body shape.
  • Spine Support :
    • The Spine support series from Spring Air is an innovation for better support.
    • This range is specially developed for those who need added support without compromising on luxury.
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SpringAir Spine Support Plus Mattress, is the perfect orthopedic mattress that reduces spinal pressure and helps in maintaining the correct posture for the spine. The Spine Support Plus is made of  Pressure Relieving – Visco-elastic Memory Foam wich can sense temperature and body pressure.

  • SpineSupport Plus Rebonded + Memory Foam
  • Thickness : 6 Inches
  • Warranty : 5 years

Additional information


Spring Air

Model Name

Spring Air – SpineSupport Plus Rebonded + Memory Foam 6 Inch


Therapeutic Mattress


6 inches


5 Years

Package Content

1 piece


The color of the mattress will vary based on stock availability.


MEMORY FOAM – Designed to quickly respond to your movements, and to provide pressure relief.; PRESSURE-RELIEVING – Supports and moulds to your body.; TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE – Adapts to body temperature while redistributing weight.


Made from the finest materials combined with NASA certified pressure relieving memory foam.(Top layer); Bonnell spring, Pocketed spring.(Bottom layer)


Double (75" X 60"), Double (78" X 60" Inch), King (78" X 72" inch), Single (72" X 36" Inch)


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