Spring Air OrthoMedical Super Mattress 6 Inch


The SpringAir Orthomedical Super Mattress is formed from the amalgamation of rebounded foam and soft PU foam provided with dual comfort and super hygienic sleep environment. The 6 inch Orthomedical Super Mattress highly recommended by orthopedics around the world, promises to deliver you a sound sleep at nights. The SpringAir Orthomedical Super Mattress is made of Patented designs and technologies that are unmatched by any other bedding company.

Some Prominent Features Of  SpringAir Orthomedical Super Mattress are :-

*Mattress Composition:-

The SpringAir Orthomedical Super Mattress is a premium and comfortable firm mattress. The top layer is made of quality soft Poly Urethane foam, which provides cushioning to the mattress. The lower layer of the mattress is made of Rebounded hard foam which gives support to the entire mattress. The entire mattress is upholstered with premium Poly Quilted Jacquard knitted fabric which enhances luxurious stress-free sleep.

*Dual Side Mattress:-

The Orthomedical PlusSuper Mattress from SpringAir can be used on both sides. The mattress is firm on one side where there is PU foam and firmer on the other. The mattress is a wonderfull option for all firm surface sleep lovers.

*Firm Back Support :-

The Orthomedical Super Mattress is orthopedically recommended to relieve you from back pain and stress. The mattress provides your back with firm support and ensure that you have a peaceful stress free sleep.

*5 Years Warranty:-

The SpringAir Orthomedical mattress is covered under 5 years warranty against sagging. The mattress is durable and ensures that it is worth every penny spent.

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SpringAir OrthoMedical Super Mattress is orthopedically reviewed as one of the best mattress with enhanced lumbar support and comfort. TheOrthomedical Super mattress is made of High-density PUF to provide enhanced lumbar support. This premium Orthomedical mattress from SpringAir is covered with soft Poly quilted Jacquard fabric.

  • Thickness : 6 Inches
  • Warranty : 5 years

Additional information


Spring Air

Model Name

Spring Air – OrthoMedical Super 6 Inch


Therapeutic Mattress


6 inches


5 Years

Package Content

1 piece


The color of the mattress will vary based on stock availability.


Poly Quilted Jacquard fabric(Top layer); High density PUF to provide enhanced lumbar (Lower back) support(Bottom layer)


Double (75" X 60"), Double (78" X 60" Inch), King (78" X 72" inch), Single (72" X 36" Inch)


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