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Window Blinds in Chennai

Window Blinds in Chennai - A shop with a wide range

Window Blinds – Residential And Office Blinds in Chennai, Roller blinds, Vertical Blinds

Global warming has led to the onset of harsher sunrays in recent years. Home and office buildings too are not exempt. Providing soothing shade within such building structures is one of our jobs and we do this by supplying and fixing of apt window blinds in Chennai. Blinds make a stylish and trendy alternative covering for windows in residences and offices. We at APS Iconic Home are here to offer you some of the best selections in window blinds. Vertical blinds, roller blinds, Roman blinds, cellular shades, shutters etc. are some of the varieties you get from our offing. The good thing about blinds is that these are easy to clean and maintain. Once these are installed you can say goodbye to problems of reflection issues on TV screens, computer, and laptop screens. We have a vast selection varying in color, type of material, sizes, dimensions, and prices. Come and look at the wonderful range we have at our showroom in Chennai and we assure you will not be disappointed.

Learn about Blinds

Typically, a window blind refers to several thin and flat strips called slats are made from different materials which are held together by means of string or cord either in a horizontal or vertical manner. Essentially for the making of the blind slat, the material used would be wood, plastic or the PVC, and metal such as aluminum. Over the past few years, great changes and modifications in the form of blinds have been observed with new versions of blinds in the form of shutters and shade having emerged in the market. Blinds look elegant on windows that are large, be it for an office, commercial set-up, or residence.

Roll it Up!

Roller Blinds as the name implies are blinds that open by an action of rolling and ultimately getting stacked up within a cylinder structure fitted usually on the upper part of a window. The material used for roller blinds consists of polyester material this keeping the blinds lightweight and durable. Cost-wise too, polyester roller blinds are reasonable. As the fabric is made from polyester, the roller blinds do not completely prevent sunlight from entering the room but rather allows a certain level to penetrate through it, in case it incorporates the UV factor within its material. In other words, it allows the optimal level of sunlight to brighten up the room, yet the inmates are protected from the ill-effects of harsh UV rays.

Roman Blinds – Cool and Classy

An off-shoot to roller blinds are the roman blinds that give class and sophistication to the window décor like none other. Roman blinds are also made up of fabric with a pleated design. Being extremely flexible as the fabric could be polyester, linen, cotton, these blinds have a soft feel making it just right for customization.

Blinds for the Office

The use of window blinds in offices is considered as highly popular especially with the Roman blind variety. At APS Iconic Home , we have in stock a great number of varieties differing in the texture of fabric, colors and the level of translucency each of this offer.

Vertical blinds made from aluminum slats is again another great option to consider. Your decision should primarily depend on where exactly the blinds are to be draped. Metal blinds are ideal for places where there is a risk of moisture content as compared to wooden blinds. In the PVC range, many are available with a blend of wood and PVC finish.

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