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Mattress Shop in Chennai, OMR

Mattress Shop in OMR, Chennai

Do you have sleepless nights? Or do you have body pain every time when you wake up? Then it’s almost certain that it is the right time to buy a brand-new mattress for yourself, for a good night’s sleep. Whether it is a single cot or double cot, king size or queen size, you could get the right size with APS Iconic Homes collection. APS Iconic Home is one of the biggest mattress shops in Chennai OMR.

Mattress Shop in Chennai

APS Iconic Home presents you the widest range of mattresses in Chennai. We have all the major mattress brands like Kurlon, SpringAir, and Sleepwell. In APS Iconic Home, along with the mattress, you could also get all you need for your home. We have a range of brand new collection of furniture, home décor, curtains & accessories, cushion and anything you need for your home. With the number of products, we have, you would be spoilt for choice.

How to buy a mattress?

If you are confused which mattress to buy, worry not. We have experts who could explain about the various benefits that a mattress provides. They understand your needs very well and offer the right mattress for you.

There are many types of mattress, like, innerspring, coir, foam, memory foam and hybrid. Check here for all the types of mattress that you should know.

These types of mattress offer different levels of comfort. Now, this is where you have to be very careful. A mattress should be comfortable for you. So, choosing a wrong one would put you through the painful sleepless nights again. But, you just need to have the following things in mind:

  1. Firm: These mattresses are hard, and it feels like sleeping on the floor. These are ideal for back sleepers.
  2. Medium Firm: These mattresses are not as hard as the firm ones. It feels like sleeping on grass or your lawn. If you sleep on your back or stomach. This mattress may be the right one for you.
  3. Soft: These mattresses are very soft, it feels like sleeping on a stack of comforters. If you are a side sleeper, these mattresses are for you. If you want an even softer one, go for ultra-soft.
  4. Ultra-soft: Ultra soft mattresses are softer than a soft mattress. It feels like sleeping in a cloud.

Why choose us?

You don’t want to wait for days to get your mattress delivered. We, at APS Iconic Home, make sure the mattress gets delivered the same working day of your order. Along with the wide range of products, we have excellent team that handles the after sales. We also offer the best prices across all the major brands we have. Why wait? Call us today at 089 39 86 1782 or Visit store at Sholinganallur Junction, OMR, Chennai.

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